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Sounds from the outside world can be distracting and disrupt your peace of mind. That’s why noise reduction windows are becoming increasingly popular for those looking to block out noise from traffic, construction sites, or general street noise.

Timber windows in particular are renowned for their noise-reduction capabilities. This is especially true of sash windows, which are common in heritage homes and buildings across Sydney. These windows, with the correct noise reduction treatments, can significantly reduce noise levels inside a property.

Inner West Window Specialists are experts in noise reduction windows and work with clients who want noise-proof timber windows in Sydney. We specialise in noise-reduction solutions for sash windows and can create custom noise-reduction treatments to fit any window size or design.

Noise Reduction: Best When Professional

While noise-reduction treatments may be purchased from local DIY stores, they are best when professionally installed by window specialists. This ensures that noise-reduction treatments are correctly fitted, and noise levels are minimised as much as possible.

The sound transmission class (STC) rating is the most commonly used metric to measure how well a window can reduce noise. The higher the number, the better insulated it is. At Inner West Window Specialists, we can provide noise reduction solutions with STC ratings of up to 40 or higher.

We’ve worked with clients who need noise reduction for:

Street and traffic noise

Cars are a common source of noise pollution, but noise-proof windows can reduce noise levels by up to 50%. Whether you’re in the city or suburbs, noise-reduction treatments help create a peaceful environment.

Construction noise

Construction noise can be intrusive and disruptive. And because Sydney is a rapidly growing city, construction noise is a common problem. Inner West Window Specialists can provide noise-proofing solutions that help reduce noise levels significantly.

Crowd noise

With many events occurring in Sydney’s inner city, noise levels can be high. Reduce noise levels by up to 75% with noise-proof timber windows provided by Inner West Window Specialists.

Noise inside the home or office

Noise reduction treatments can also be used to prevent noise from bouncing around inside the home, helping minimise noise levels between rooms. Windows are an effective noise barrier and noise-proofing solutions can help reduce noise inside the home or office.

Industrial noise

Industrial noise is an issue in many parts of Sydney. Inner West Window Specialists provide noise reduction treatments for industrial properties, helping to reduce noise levels inside businesses.

Noise Reduction vs. Soundproofing: Is There A Difference?

Noise reduction and soundproofing are essentially the same thing. Both noise-reduction treatments and soundproofing involve using materials to absorb sound and dampen noise.

For noise-proof timber windows, sash noise reduction solutions, or industrial noise reduction treatments, contact us today to find out how we can help reduce noise levels in your home or business.

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Our Noise Reduction Services: The Best in the Region

There are many ways to reduce noise and soundproof windows, including acoustic insulation, weatherstripping, and glazing. Some DIYers use spray foam insulation, laminated glass, and soundproof curtains, but these methods are not as effective and usually develop poor sound insulation performance overtime.

Inner West’s experienced team of experts has worked on hundreds of projects, from residential homes to commercial buildings. We have soundproofed windows for many reasons, including improving noise control and increasing privacy.

Below are some of our soundproofing solutions:

Acoustic Insulation

We install acoustic insulation to reduce the amount of sound that can pass through your windows. This insulation is designed to absorb sound, so it won’t let any noise in or out. Acoustic insulation uses different materials such as glass, foam, and metal to block sound.


We also use weatherstripping to reduce the amount of sound coming through your windows. This is a moisture-resistant material that will prevent air from passing through your windows, which can then help reduce noise levels.


Glazing is a process that adds multiple layers of glass to your windows. This creates a barrier between the window and its frame, which helps to block sound from entering or leaving your home.

Double-glazing is one of the most effective soundproofing techniques, as it provides an extra layer of protection. When you have double-glazed windows, you are able to enjoy a much quieter environment while still being able to enjoy natural light.

However, a secondary glazing system may not fit if you want your traditional timber windows to look aesthetically pleasing. The good news is that our team will work with you to customise the best soundproofing solution that works for your home.

Noise Reduction for Existing Windows

If you have existing timber windows, we can help noise-proof them too. We will inspect each existing window to determine the best noise-reducing solution. We will also take into account the noise levels in your neighbourhood and create a noise reduction plan that fits your needs.

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